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10-Mar-2007 MySep 1.5.0RC1 released !Highly recommended update!
  After almost one year, the new version is finally released. This version is fully refactored to fix many bugs and use gettext style i18n translation. zh_CN translation is included, other translations are welcome to post to Patches section.


A time tracking and productivity estimating tool. With attractive UI and chart reports, it makes you comfortable in day-to-day project/task time tracking. Also, it’s a PSP(personal software process) metrics collector in software developing.

MySep is a database application, powered by firebird embedded database. All data is stored in a file named "MYSEP.GDB". When you first run the application, the datafile is created.

As a database application, there is no "Save" needed. Any data you generate is recorded in database immediately. Don't worry.

If you want backup your data, just backup the datafile "MYSEP.GDB".


Screen shots:

figure 1: main window figure 2: activity statistics


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